The main goal of any investor or trader is to grow profits from buying and selling different types of asset.

Cryptocurrencies are now a great potential digital asset to invest in and have undoubtedly proven to be one of the most profitable investment opportunities, even beating stocks and other common goods (oil, gold).

If you are thinking about what cryptocurrencies should invest in in 2021, this is the article for you.

At a private CNN event, Mrs Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, said that cryptocurrencies have long-term potential in the future as they replace the current credit card system and be the safest investment method during this difficult time when the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging.


EUSD is a cryptocurrency within the ecosystem of EggsBook, 123Betnow and within many other ecosystems coming soon. EUSD was created with TRC-20 technology and with reserves of more than 20 billion coins. In addition, EUSD uses a peer-to-peer protocol on the Blockchain technology platform for all transactions. Therefore, it completely removes the third party intermediaries, the money will be sent directly. From person to person, there are mostly no transaction fees, with no government or organization controlling these transactions.


Unaffected by anyone: EUSD is the official cryptocurrency of the EggsBook gaming ecosystem, and is not regulated by any government, bank or institution.

No counterfeiting: With paper money can be counterfeited, but Bitcoin can’t, it completely eliminates the problem of counterfeiting, since it does not exist in physical form, but is generated by algorithms.

Low and fast transaction fees: If you use a bank or some money transfer service to send money to relatives, it will take quite a fee, as well as take a few days if sending abroad. With EUSD the fee is extremely low and takes only 20 minutes to 30 hours.

Information security and safety: EUSD uses an anonymous transaction system (Blockchain). So when you make a transaction no one will know who you are, where you are.

Diversity of ecosystems for trading: EUSD is gaining huge backing from the decentralized game EggsBook and the game ecosystem 123Betnow. These are very “HOT” ecosystems on the current cryptocurrency market with a number of members joining up to several million people. This is the factor that helps EUSD have many ways to trade, exchange and many different cash flows, making it more valuable thanks to its scarcity.



123Betnow is one of the EggsBook ecosystems and is an aggregator site for investors, analysts, gamers, and professional bookmakers. Besides, this ecosystem has millions of members all over the world, making EUSD popular not only in a few countries but also the entire crypto community.

As for the EggsBook ecosystem, this ecosystem is proving its own strong position in the decentralized gaming market. The more famous this ecosystem is, the wider the coverage of EUSD, helping it increase its value rapidly in just 1 year.

Clear development strategy

The EggsBook team has come up with a development strategy for EUSD, specifically that EUSD will be listed on the world’s most famous decentralized exchanges. Cryptocurrency community can exchange and trade EUSD directly on exchanges such as Cream (CREAM), ACO (AUC), Darwinia Commitment Token (KTON), Falconswap (FSW), Sperax (SPA), DegenVC (DGVC) and Mantra DAO (OM).

In particular, EUSD is allowed to trade through the Tiendientu247 platform, giving investors more choices in buying, selling and exchanging this cryptocurrency.

EUSD’s crypto technology has enormous potential

EUSD’s encryption technology is used to process everything from electronic banking to digital signatures. Simply put, this technology encrypts and decrypts the messages so that only the recipient can access them. As such, the encryption technology of EUSD is considered to be extremely potential in the future.

A “GOLD” time to develop

Covid-19 pandemic is considered a nightmare to the world economy, but for the EUSD it is an opportunity for the EUSD to thrive. Because everything in the world is “LOCK DOWN” right now, the demand for online payment is increasing rapidly. In addition, nearly 1 billion people worldwide are unemployed and are at risk of unemployment due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Investing is the method of making money most interested at this moment. The more people owning EUSD, the higher the coverage and payment rate will help with the rapid growth of EUSD’s liquidity.

With a coin with a rapid level of liquidity and many people want to own, surely its value will not only double, but also quadruple 5 times in just a short time.

The cryptocurrency market seems to be a market full of potential for a new era of investment. Due to the plethora of new technologies it uses and its applications in a number of industries, EUSD is expected to continue to thrive in 2021 and beyond. Hope the above information was useful to you and gives the various aspects of this potential EUSD coin.