Financial transactions have been and are in the process of transitioning from a transaction model using conventional currencies to using electronic currencies. Thanks to the development of blockchain technology, exchanges are growing stronger with the ability to replace conventional exchanges and become the main exchange in the market used by all investors. 

Investors are gradually tending to use decentralized financial exchanges in the Defi market

When it comes to finance, the term Defi is no longer strange to investors. Defi is an acronym for Decentralized Finance.

Appears in the era of industrialization and modernization 4.0 when everything is built on technology applications and becomes an indispensable part of people’s lives. Exchanges are also gradually digitizing when converting from conventional trading to the Defi trading market.

According to the statistics of Dune Analytics, in January 2021, the trading volume on decentralized exchanges crossed the $ 63 billion mark for the first time. This record is more than double the level recorded in September 2020, when trading volume on DEXs was close to $30 billion. This happened at the height of the DeFi boom.

With the benefits that blockchain technology brings, financial exchange applications also bring more benefits to users when ensuring features such as confidentiality, information transparency, and transparency. Transparency with meticulously recorded transaction data and censorship resistance.

This is considered to be what makes the decentralized exchange the most secure when it is extremely effective against hacker attacks or outside interference. This is extremely necessary for all investors, especially in this financial sector.

Galaxy Dex – the most prestigious decentralized exchange today

Currently, the increasing demand for transactions in the market leads to more and more decentralized exchange projects appearing. However, most of these exchanges are still lacking in features and are not really complete, leading to investors suffering losses or property damage.

Therefore, finding a reputable exchange that meets the needs of investors is an urgent thing for investors. Decentralized exchanges are almost all built on automated market-making (AMM) platforms to assist traders in making exchanges and creating liquidity. However, this model still has many limitations and cannot support investors to make transactions on different platforms, and at the same time cannot experience many diverse ecosystems.

Understanding that problem, the Galaxy Dex project was born with the goal of improving the shortcomings of the previous exchanges and creating an innovation in the trading market.

Created by the multi-chain automatic market-making model (AMM Multi-chain), this allows Galaxy Dex to be linked with other platforms and allows investors to make cross-platform transactions. At the same time, Galaxy Dex also provides investors with an extremely rich ecosystem with all the new trends inside the market so that investors can comfortably use it without having to change between platforms. different platforms.

This is what makes Galaxy Dex highly appreciated by the investor community and is considered the future of the Defi financial trading market.

Besides, Galaxy Dex also assures investors of the credibility when creating a cryptocurrency for general use within the ecosystem. At the same time, it is also clear to the community about the development roadmap of the project.

The potential to dominate the Defi market of Galaxy Dex

Galaxy Dex with an extremely diverse ecosystem can satisfy the user community such as: transaction features thanks to Galaxy Dex. Here, traders can exchange and sell linked cryptocurrencies between different platforms.

In addition, investors can also generate profits thanks to the extremely popular Farming feature that is currently attracting a lot of people to participate in the community through the Galaxy Farm feature.

Accompanying it is the Galaxy Pool that acts as a liquidity pool where you can staking different cryptocurrencies and earn Galaxy Token (GLX) as profit. This is an investment feature with very low risk and moderate return for all participating investors.

In addition, Galaxy Dex also supports investors with features such as Galaxy Wallet with the ability to store multi-platform cryptocurrencies and the ability to lend or different cryptocurrencies thanks to Galaxy Loan.

In it, Galaxy Dex also announced a very clear project development roadmap to the community as follows: in the second quarter of 2021, research the market and assemble an experienced team to apply the multi-chain AMM technology model for Galaxy Dex.

In the third quarter of 2021, Galaxy Dex has also officially launched the project, and implemented the implementation of putting GLX tokens on reputable exchanges, with the main goal being the Binance exchange and implementing the Airdrop program. together with Presale to the community.

In Q4 2021, the Galaxy team plans to launch the Galaxy Pool functionality. At this time, investors who own GLX tokens or other coins can use them and perform Staking to bring back GLX tokens as rewards.

During 2022, Galaxy Dex also intends to quickly launch many other special ecosystems. Specifically, in Q1 will launch two more ecosystems: Galaxy Exchange, Galaxy Farm. During this time, the Galaxy team will also accelerate the process of bringing GLX to the market through listing on Latoken and Coinbase exchanges.

In the second quarter of 2022, the Galaxy team will also launch other ecosystems such as Galaxy Wallet, Lottery, IFO, NFT so that investors can experience more features that the Galaxy Dex project brings.

In Q3 and Q4 of 2022, Galaxy Dex team will also launch its own mainnet under Parachain model, launch stable coin GUSD and officially list GLX token on Binance exchange and deploy more Galaxy Loan ecosystem to further meet investor demand.

Through the above factors, we can clearly see the potential that the Galaxy Dex exchange brings to the Defi market. With its diverse ecosystems and extremely certain roadmap, Galaxy Dex promises to soon rise to the leading position and dominate the Defi market.

Let’s quickly join with Galaxy Dex now to receive more attractive benefits and make a lot of profit with this potential exchange!

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