NFT Token WDG White Dragon

Investors are too familiar with names like: Dogecoin, Shiba coin, … are the leading cryptocurrencies in the trend of animal coins. In order to keep up with the current trend, WHITE DRAGON is also preparing to be launched to raise funds to protect the Komodo dragon species – an endangered species due to human hunting behavior. What makes WDG so warmly welcomed? Read the article to find out!!!

Overview of the White Dragon token.

Total supply: 990,000,000,000 Token

Reserve distribution:

  • 60% listing on PancakeSwap and lock liquidity
  • 20% Presale
  • 15% for the Development Team (Dev)
  • 3% Airdrop
  • 2% for trade and media partners

Advantages of White Dragon.

Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed: Litecoin’s transaction speed is 30 minutes, Bitcoin’s is 60 minutes… In order to save transaction time, White Dragon was born with a much faster speed and lower transaction fees

Supported on major and reputable Defi platforms

Large user community: because the task is to protect the endangered dragon species, it will surely be trusted and supported by many people in the future.

Passive farming, 3% of transactions are allocated to the holders

Optimizing community profits: always giving users the best features

Completely decentralized

Own NFT through WDG token

  • NFTWDRAGON provides a market for trading products and works through NFT.
  • Users can trade on NFTEDRAGON using WDG coins.
  • NFT is a chain of code representing a certain product, which is currently becoming the craze of Blockchain.

Dragon Collection

This is a collection of rare cards with the main image of dragons

When the number of 20,000 holders is reached, White Dragon will unlock the first 5 cards

When the number of 200,000 holders is reached, the entire collection of 10 cards will be unlocked

Once completed, the collection will be auctioned, and proceeds from the auction will be sent to the White Dragon Charity.

White Dragon NFT – Dragon Cards

White Dragon Charity Foundation

White Dragon realizes that recent artworks have not been widely distributed to the community, gradually falling into oblivion and not realizing the value it brings.

For this reason, the White Dragon community has researched and developed a technology project aimed at protecting and bringing art works closer to the community as well as bringing the work back to its true value.

In addition, White Dragon also plans to launch a fighting game called “Dragon combat” and put the game on major distribution platforms such as Xbox, Play Station.


With serious and careful investment and the launch of many different features to attract the community, White Dragon is looking forward to the launch date and will surely be supported by many people.

Thanks for reading my writing. See you in the next article!!!