Koifish blockchain game

With the development potential of the world game market in the new era, the application of blockchain technology to increase the community’s income and experience is a suitable and promising direction. With a clear vision and direction in this relatively new market, WorldWide Defi Games has decided to become a pioneer, unlocking potential and bringing benefits to the community. WDG’s official launch of Koichain on July 25 is a breakthrough in the Blockchain game market and is widely regarded as the key to bringing in a new era of digital technology.

What is Koichain?

From the beginning of 2021, Koifish is no longer a strange name in the investment market in general and blockchain games in particular. As the first blockchain game application released by WDG to the market, Koifish quickly captured the market with its POP protocol that allows users to interact and share device resources with the blockchain network.

With the rapid development and spread of Koifish, WDG quickly implemented a plan to launch a new blockchain network just for game developers and gamers, called KOICHAIN. Many experts in the Blockchain field have shared that this is the best time to open a new direction for the Blockchain game market. Because at the moment many blockchain game applications are being developed by independent game developers. At the same time, many traditional game developers realize the technological potential of blockchain, but still do not know how to start. They need a guideline. And Koichain will do just that.

Koichain creates a new era of blockchain technology

It is no exaggeration to say that Koichain has opened a new era of blockchain technology. Specifically, in a market full of potential for development such as the game market. Koichain is bringing many questions to the exciting cryptocurrency community because it possesses a series of advantages that are about to be announced soon. They will bring the community the most optimal solutions at the moment.

First, the game development community considers Koichain to be a professional and simple Game Builder Kit for buiding your games. With Koichain, game developers can utilize the scalability offered by this mainnet-based sidechain and the security of the Koichain mainnet, as a layer 3 solution. At the same time, the WDG Coin platform provides for developers and third parties a set of smart contracts. Koichain’s tools will provide significant savings in development costs and virtually no blockchain development experience is required.

Instead of having to spend time and effort to integrate with many developers and a large number of post-integrated support services, now those who want to develop blockchain games just need to integrate with Koichain. Then, WDG coin will be circulated in the games you create. Also, by using Koichain NFT Foundry to create their own NFT, game developers will receive a commission from any subsequent purchases in all system markets, whether in-game. On the WDG Coin Marketplace or on third-party websites that integrate the platform.

The following thing is a platform built on Koichain will build credibility and trust for the community through eliminating risks and protecting the ownership of participants and developers’ assets. Unlike the traditional method, if the server fails or the game stops running, the in-game assets will disappear. Since developers in these situations control all game data, they can control or even seize in-game assets at any time. Therefore, WDG brings more peace of mind to game participants by allowing them to own their in-game items or currency.

Traditional game asset licensing and real asset ownership: A major obstacle to traditional game development is the need for developers to maintain and control over the servers that run all aspects of the game software. In this traditional environment, the risk to players in controlling game assets is too great, as data control would make developers liable for any possible loss. For this reason, the developers had to create a permission-based system through which gamers would never own their in-game items. The player of the game only gets the item’s permission from the developer. If the server fails or the game stops running, the developer does not owe the player anything, resulting in the loss of game assets. Since developers in these situations control all game data, they can control or even seize in-game assets at any time. Besides, the WDG Coin platform runs parallel side chains attached to smart contracts. Sidechains are a second-layer solution that extends the Koichain network with faster, secure transaction speeds and a distributed proof-of-stake blockchain at significantly lower costs.

What do users get from Koichain?

Surviving in a new era brought by WDG with the Koichain Mainnet, members of the Blockchain gaming community enjoy privileges that other generations can only wish for.

By saving a lot of resources for games along with saving time and effort in integrating functions from other platforms thanks to Koichain, developers can maximize cost savings. Since then, profits for participants have been focused on improving. It is possible to participate more simply but bring a larger source of income.

The improvement in earnings doesn’t stop there, players can also save money in the ability to move in-game items within the ecosystem without having to pay expensive fees. Unlike players who move all kinds of NFTs in the game on the Koichain mainnet which will incur high transaction costs. It makes sense to move in-game items that you collect on the WDG Coin platform. This will save a lot of money for all players.

Finally, participants of games created on the Koichain platform have ownership rights to the in-game assets and are free to sell or trade them. Besides that, players will be able to earn additional WDG and use it to trade in uniquely produced digital assets. This is also a solution to increase the user experience of Koichain without requiring blockchain knowledge.

It can be said that the appearance of Koichain will create a big turning point in the development and path to the leader position of WDG. Although it has brought a great experience, the market demand is constantly increasing. Besides exploiting the current advantages of Koichain, the community is still looking forward to the next breakthroughs from Koifish’s boss soon.