The worldwide pet-type virtual currency craze

IPH and other coin

Origins of cryptocurrencies.

As we all know ưith the development of Blockchain technology, more and more types of Coins are born to meet the needs of investors. In which, Animal Coin – a new type of Coin has been making the cryptocurrency market wobble with its diversity, cuteness, and development ability. Cryptocurrencies such as: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu coin,….

For example, dogecoin is a cryptocurrency or digital currency developed on the basis of Bitcoin. The virtual currency Dogecoin was created based on the idea from the meme “Doge”. Dogecoin launched the currency market on December 8, 2013, it has a faster initial coin generation speed compared to other digital currencies. By the end of 2014, there were nearly 100 billion Dogecoins in circulation on the market. After that, there will be 5.2 billion coins generated annually. Although Dogecoin currently has few commercial applications, the currency is moving towards widespread use for online tipping after a person posted interesting or useful information on the online community.

Iron Pig Hero stands out with the image of a heroic pig with a relaxed but proud and calm demeanor showing steadfastness and not worrying about life’s problems. It carries a huge mission as well as brings passive income to investors. The developers share that because the pig symbol is a symbol of prosperity, leisure, and affluence. People also use the image of the pig as a financial symbol.

New virus owners are growing, Iron Pig Hero was born as help and sympathy to countries that are heavily affected by Covid-19 pandemics. The IPH coin development team will develop services, applications, and content to ensure that IPH is widely used as a form of currency.

Iron Pig Hero (IPH) was developed with the aim of bringing the entire crypto market forward by applying the philosophy of simplicity and ease of use to reduce the barrier of entry into the current crypto world of the company. them. They will define the space and become the gateway cryptocurrency and reach the participants and bring long-term added value to the holders.

Iron Pig Hero Token

The potential of Iron Pig Hero

IPH is one of the very profitable cryptocurrency flows for participants.

The members of the Iron Pig Hero ecosystem can earn interest thanks to the “Farming” function and at the same time can benefit the earth with the goal of becoming the first cryptocurrency that can help push back the Covid-19 pandemic.

In particular, the potential of IPH will grow more and more because the main goal is to raise funds to help countries fight back diseases. As more and more people participate, IPH’s charity fundraiser is getting bigger and bigger. This can help many countries facing financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Owners can donate to charity through the wallet to support the victims of the pandemic. 100% of charity funds will go directly to countries hit hard by Covid-19. Because of this event, IPH is not only a coin, but it also represents people’s faith in fighting the pandemic.

Development roadmap of IPH

Phase 1: The combination of IPH with other smart coins increases the development of coins along with the designs of the comics token. This is the hinge to prepare and organize the IPH token announcement event to users around the world and will launch for sale in the shortest time. Along with these opportunities, IPH will push to begin accelerating partnerships with various nonprofit organizations.

Phase 2: Iron Pig Hero will start listing on Pancake Swap, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and other providers. We will build into a development community, with great spread to owners around the world. From here, it is possible to accelerate cooperation and sign contracts with famous people and people with great influence in the world. Continue to work with non-governmental organizations to improve the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. This is an important and key stage to serve as a stepping stone for future development processes.

Phase 3: The final roadmap of IPH is to launch more new ecosystems to optimize the interface allowing IPH tokens to become commonly used currencies in the world. Increase charitable donations to certified nonprofits. Along with that, new cross-platform social media acceleration campaigns and influencer partnerships, maximize the improvement to increase the influence of IPH.

IPH will help users feel satisfied with the benefits that they bring when being part of a community that promotes digital development, and earns profits in various forms, and raises funds to fight the pandemic.