2021 is not only a year with many fluctuations in the market, but also a year of strong development of Play to earn games. Rising strongly from the NFT gaming trending wave, the top 3 NFT games below will be attractive suggestions for investors who want to make a profit by the end of 2021.

NFT and what you need to know

An NFT is a string of numbers representing any type of asset: digital assets, digital paintings, music, domain names, or any tokenized asset (land, paintings, collectibles) …).

  • Non – Fungible: irreplaceable and unique.
  • Token: understood as a cryptocurrency that has been developed based on an existing coin, currently Tokens are mainly created and used on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT is special because of 3 properties: uniqueness, scarcity and inseparability:

What is an NFT game with Play-To-Earn mechanics?

Play to earn includes two actions Play (play) and Earn (earn), which are games that can both entertain and earn money. In a simpler way, NFT play to earn games are similar to other cryptos, but the most prominent difference of NFT games is that players do not need to invest in powerful computer equipment.

Gamers will only need a PC or even a phone or tablet to be able to “train” the crypto-coins derived from the game. After acquiring the cryptos, players can sell to earn money and it is very normal for a player to earn several hundred dollars a day.

The current NFT game has been much improved thanks to blockchain technology and the crypto market:

  • Incorporating NFT in the protocol
  • Enhance property ownership for users
  • Players create value for other players and developers in return they are rewarded with in-game assets.


 Axie Infinity

Built on the Blockchain platform, Axie Infinity is a place where anyone can earn tokens through playing, thereby enriching the game ecosystem. In the game, players are allowed to use Axies – creatures in the game to fight, collect and nurture. Each Axie will have different characteristics, players can flexibly decide their role in each match.

In the world of Axie Infinity, the player’s art assets and data are easily accessible to third parties. At the same time, community developers also have the right to build tools and deliver their own experiences in the Axie Infinity universe.

TheTan Area

TheTan Arena is a MOBA/Battle Royale Game series built on a blockchain platform from which to create a socialized gaming experience and profit from the Play-To-Earn mechanism.

TheTan Arena features are designed so that players can role-play the character, participate in battles and earn money when won. Thetan Arena’s main features are as follows:

  • Real-time multiplayer gameplay
  • Blockchain’s Play to Earn Model
  • Characters are heroes – Thetan Hero
  • Special Events and Esport Seasons

Hero Book 

Hero Book is an HBG game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform to create a combination of two extremely new and unique game modes with two mechanics: Battle-To-Earn (B2E) and Free- To-Play (F2P).

In Hero Book, HBG Token will be the main currency in circulation. Players can receive HBG Token when participating in combat activities, doing missions. In addition, HBG Token can also be used in extended ecosystems such as 123betnow, MT4. Players can also choose to Hold HBG Token to generate profits for themselves through the transaction fee mechanism.

HBG Token allows DEV teams to use HBG Token as a payment tool in their games to connect and use HBG’s large community

HeroBook is a pioneering game with the perfect combination of Battle-To-Earn (B2E) and Free-To-Play (F2P) mechanisms to create a breakthrough for NFT games.

  • Free-To-Play mechanism gamers can play for free without wagering and will receive a reward if they reach the top 5 or more (the higher the top, the more valuable the reward).
  • The Battle-To-Earn (B2E) mechanism requires the player to set a fee before participating. When you kill another player, you will receive the token directly from that player. In addition, players who achieve high rankings still receive additional rewards like F2E

In particular, the Battle-To-Earn (B2E) mechanism first appeared in the NFT world, providing a great gaming experience, opening a new avenue for NFT gaming. In addition, the combination of B2E and F2P will be able to meet a lot of gaming requirements of gamers.

Expand the profit margin for players. As mentioned above, Hero Book is built on top of Binance Smart Chain platform with huge transaction volume, extremely fast transaction speed with an extremely competitive fee. NFTs can be traded on the marketplace for different values ​​depending on the rarity, equipment, and level of the character. Add to that the variety in form: free or premium with the opportunity to increase assets up to 1000 times.

Absolutely transparent with PvP format, promoting individual skills and tactical thinking of players. The value of an NFT character is created by the player’s skill and tactics. Therefore, the game always ensures fairness and carries a very high value.

In addition, Hero Book with Battle to Earn mechanics first appeared in NFT. This helps to redefine the traditional survival fighting game genre.


With the current blockchain market landscape, the growth of Play-To-Earn titles is undeniable. One thing is for sure, in the future, big funds will pay more and more attention to this game. The attraction and potential of NFT games will increasingly pull more money in the future. Investors need to be alert and learn carefully about this field to make the correct investment decisions and get the most profit from NFT Play-To-Earn games.