In the wave of industrial revolution 4.0, Blockchain is considered a “key” technology for digital transformation and building a future information technology platform.

With the ability to transparently share information and data in real time, save space, and highly secure, blockchain technology is one of the breakthrough technology trends, capable of applying widely in many industries and fields.

Blockchain is a new technology that has been mentioned a lot in recent times. If voted for the most prominent new technology in 2021, then surely blockchain and application to virtual money, typically Bitcoin, will be named. The technology that creates EUSD is TRC20 – a standard that many coin issuers are interested in.

When we learn about Blockchain, we will hear about TRC-20, a standard within the platform. TRC‌-20 is a token standard issued based on smart contracts on the TRON blockchain. A standout coin created on the TRC-20 standard is EUSD (EggsBook USD), a currency of the EggsBook ecosystem.

EUSD is the most popular stable coin in the cryptocurrency community today. Most major exchanges support all 3 protocols of EUSD currently: Omni, TRC20. You can distinguish these 2 types simply as follows:

EUSD Omni: EUSD is released from the early state, using the Omni layer protocol built on the Blockchain platform. EUSD Omni’s wallet address will be similar to Bitcoin as a chain of characters beginning with a number.

EUSD TRC20: is the result of cooperation between TRON and Tether, to be released in April 2019. Similar but based on the TRC20 protocol of Tron’s Blockchain network. EUSD TRC20’s wallet address will be the same as TRON wallet and starts with the letter T.

Both of the above 2 protocols only involve you depositing and withdrawing EUSD. That means, when choosing the wallet to deposit, the user chooses which protocol, the sender to you will also use that protocol to send. Any protocol will also enter your EUSD wallet on the same exchange.

Currently, the majority of users choose the TRC20 protocol because of its convenience as well as low transaction costs or even no cost.

Created with a modern technology platform, with many advantages and potentials. So is EUSD a name that we should invest in long-term or not?


This question is probably one of the things that investors who are about to have the need of using EUSD  want to be answered the most. So please join us to learn about this cryptocurrency for better understanding and make the right decisions for yourself.

The EUSD coin is one of the most appreciated cryptocurrency today when it is developed on the Blockchain system, which is one of the largest and most quality cryptocurrency systems in the world. Especially, each EUSD coin circulating on the market today will be backed by a corresponding EUSD at a ratio of 1: 1. We can understand that an EUSD deposited into your EggsBook fund corresponds to an EUSD coin will be created on your wallet and vice versa.

EUSD coin was created to support the broader use of EBP Tokens, so it is not like an AltCoin that we know and this is not a coin created to compete with other major currencies.

It is considered as a Stable Coin with its own stability, so that you can invest very effectively in EUSD without worrying about slippage like other coins.

Above is the information about the EUSD currency and also the answer to the question: Whether should I invest in the  EUSD or not?, hope you will have more experience for yourself and gain the most effective EUSD investments.